Thursday, December 27, 2018

Deadlifts - Best Muscle Building Exercise for Bigger Body, Stronger and Strength

One of the best muscle building exercises you should include your training is the "Deadlift". You might not be fully aware, but this exercise is the most effective upper body workout you will come across, It will help build a rock-solid and powerful body quicker than you could ever imagine possible.

All you need for this bodybuilding exercise is a good old-fashioned barbell and a flat surface. You then add as much weight to the bar as you can manage, straighten up the back, and lift the bar off the ground.

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The deadlift is so popular because it gives you the ability to pile on as much solid muscle mass to your body as you could humanly expect to do, and in quick time too.

Simple I hear you thinking!

Well not quite, although this is one of the best muscle building exercises you can use, it is also one of the most painful you will ever come across.

If done right, you will find yourself feeling physically sick, light-headed and short of breath. But if you want to see results then I am afraid you will just have to grin and bear it, simple as that...

There won't be any part of your body that will not feel the effects of this exercise, which is what makes it so goddam good! Every single muscle in your body will get hammered to some degree by this raw power motion. When you start deadlifting on a regular basis you’ll see results almost everywhere, but at first, you will see them in your back and legs.

Since the deadlift is so high in intensity, it pushes your body to produce larger amounts of anabolic substances like testosterone and growth hormone, making it one of the best muscle building exercises you can use in the gym. This results in a bigger body and stronger strength.

Once you have been doing this exercise for several weeks you will notice that your other workouts, such as bench press and barbell curl will increase due to your new found strength.

Below is how to do the basic bent leg deadlift.

  1. You need to put your feet about shoulder-width apart and grip the bar with hands that are positioned just outside your legs. When you hold the bar, ensure that one palm faces in and the other palm faces out, or use a simple overhand grip. There is no right or wrong grip; just pick one that’s comfortable for you.
  2. Get into the squatted position with the bar close to your shins. Lift the weight off of the ground by driving upward with your legs, be sure to keep your abs tight, back flat, and head looking up. Lift the weight until you are standing fully up. Follow the same path as when you lifted it to lower the weight back down.
  3. Take a moment to set the plates on the ground, regroup, and take a deep breath, before you pull the weight back up. Your goal is to keep lifting until your legs are no longer able to lift anymore.
  4. It is really important to pay attention to your form when performing this exercise. Since deadlifts enable you to handle a large amount of weight, incorrect form increases your chances of injury. The weight should be kept close to your body and your back flat at all times. To minimize the stress on your lower back, keep your abs tight during the lift.
  5. Make sure to practice the deadlift with lighter weights so that you master the form; then you can move onto more heavier weights.
  6. You should be aiming to this exercise about once a week with about 1-2 all out sets.

Deadlifts are one of the best muscle building exercises, it won't matter how many reps you do because they will still work. You should probably try to do at least 5-8 reps,there are some bodybuilders that can go as high as 20! but you should stick to what is best for you.